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Just In: Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor set to walk down the aisle

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye getting married to Lawrence Oyor

Spoken word artist and last daughter of televangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, Darasimi Mike Bamiloye is set to walk down the aisle with her hearthrob Lawrence Oyor. The wedding is set to hold on Saturday, 10th of October, 2020 at one of the branches of the Glory Tabernacle Ministry in Ibadan.

How Lawrence Oyor proposed to Darasimi Mike Bamiloye (Video)
Darasimi Mike Bamiloye getting married to Lawrence Oyor

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Fans of Lawrence Oyor and Darasimi Mike Bamiloye are still in awe of the news which is now trending on social media with pictures of the wedding invitation card going viral.

darasimi mikebamiloye and lawrence oyor wedding invitation
Wedding Invitation of Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor

It should be recalled that sometimes at the beginning of this year, Lawrence Oyor had disclosed in a facebook post how that he was in a relationship already but he kept his fans in suspense about who the lady in question might be. Mummy Gloria Bamiloye had also out of excitement given a clue at Joshua Mike Bamiloye’s wedding interview stating that she was now complete since she now has three boys and three girls as a mother. Needless to say, Lawrence Oyor was the best man of Joshua Mike Bamiloye. The signs had been there all along!

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Lawrence Oyor and Joshua Mike Bamiloye
Lawrence Oyor and Joshua Mike Bamiloye, co-sings hit track, The Train

Oluwadarasimi Mike Bamiloye otherwise called the Bamiloye Princess by her brothers is the third and last child of Christian Film producers Mike and Gloria Bamiloye. She happens to be the only daughter of the family. She is a graduate of English Language from Babcock University. She is a spoken word artist, drama minister, script writer and script editor. She also joins her brother Jaymikee in voicing some of the tracks used as theme songs in most Mount Zion movies.

darasimi mike bamiloye wedding
Darasimi Mike Bamiloye, Lawrence Oyor and Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye on True Talk show

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how old is darasimi mike bamiloye

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye is an addicted lover of God, she speaks English Language fluently with the right dictions and appropriate pronunciation of words. She is a very creative story writer and spoken word writer. We also speculate that she will be going into full time ministry under her parents ministry as a script writer, editor and actor in the Mount Zion Faith ministries.

Lawrence Oyor and Godswill Oyor
Lawrence Oyor and Godswill Oyor

Lawrence Oyor is a gospel music minister and a prophetic minstrel popularly known for his revival chants and songs. His most popular chants “bowl of fire” has continued to stir up hunger for God and the Holy Ghost in the heart of Youths in and around Nigeria. He co-owns a ministry with his twin brother Godswill Oyor called Davidic Minstrels – A movement committed to demonstrating the love and power of God in worship, and awakening hunger for God in the hearts of people. Lawrence Oyor and his twin brother Godswill Oyor are 29 years old and hail from a Christian home based in Ibadan. He is a Graduate of the University of Ibadan and a Lawyer. He’s well known for featuring in the hit track, The Train which was the sound track for the Mount Zion Gospel movie, The Train.

true talk with lawrence oyor and darasimi mike bamiloye
True Talk with Lawrence Oyor, Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye

Watch True Talk episode with Lawrence Oyor and Darasimi Mike Bamiloye here

All of us at Fruitful Touching Lives congratulate the would-be couple as they set out on their marital journey. We have no doubt that two of them are capable of chasing ten thousands! Happy married life in advance to them.