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Wedding Night Stories from Christian virgins – A motivation for sexual purity

Sex is worth the wait wedding night stories

It’s safe to say that we live in a world where sexual temptation is more readily accessible than at any other time in history. Young adults of today need to continuously be reminded to stay sexually pure until their wedding night. That is the motivation for sharing this real life wedding night stories from christian virgins; to encourage christian singles that sex is worth the wait and to further strengthen their resolve to wait until their wedding night.

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God planned sex to be pleasurable, but insisted that the jot and tittle of the pleasure to be derived be allowed only within the confines of marriage. Regardless of what numerous societies today advocate, sexual purity is for our own advantage. Within the limits of marriage, sex is a pleasurable and excellent blessing but outside of marriage, sexual activity is a corruption of something God made great.

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Wedding night stories of christian virgins

Just before we look at the wedding night stories from christian virgins, let’s see briefly;

Sexual Purity: What you must understand about your decision to wait until your wedding night.

  1. Your commitment to sexual purity is not to a church: it is to Christ Himself. You decide to wait until your wedding night because you love God. That’s the right way to go!
  2. Your virginity does not determine your salvation. Your decision to wait until your wedding night is a product of your love for God.
  3. Your spiritual identity, not your sexual identity, determines your life choices. Saving your virginity until your wedding night is a spiritual decision.
  4. You made a commitment to sexual purity because you are God’s child, and your body and choices are aligned with His loving will. Therefore, for every sexually-demeaning choice you make you consequently demean the blood of the Son of God.
  5. Your commitment to sexual purity will make sex an exciting part of marriage. This is why you must look forward to your wedding night with anticipation.
  6. Your decision to abstain from sex until marriage is not only to avoid guilt but to ensure that sex is not cheapened.
  7. Your sexual identity is inseparably tied to your identity in Christ.
  8. Your wedding night will neither be awkward nor guilt-ridden. No! Instead, you will feel safe, loved, honored, and adored by your spouse and your God.

Now to the business of the day;

Wedding Night Stories from Christians who married as virgins

“It is an interesting story. Virginity was worth keeping for my hubby and I. I’m very happy i kept mine till my wedding night. I thank God for my parents who guided me in the fear of the almighty and for his grace upon me then. I rejected so many men both rich and poor because they were demanding for sex before marriage. God finally brought a believer to me. Although it was a long distance relationship, we got married within a year. At first he didn’t believe that I was a virgin. It was a surprise to him. On our wedding night, I experienced blood stain and a lot of pain. The next day, I and hubby consulted his doctor in the hospital and he told him to use lubricant for easy penetration. It took him three to four days to penetrate me. It was indeed worth keeping. After God, hubby trust me more than anyone. He boast about me when amidst his friends, just like the Proverbs 31 woman’s husband did.” Story from Mrs. O. Kate

“Virginity is worth keeping my dear brothers and sisters. On our wedding night, my hubby couldn’t penetrate. We tried it severally until after 3 days before he was able to go in .I cried ooo ,I can’t lie, the blood came and my husband broke down in tears…making promises and also praying. I was so proud of myself. He immediately sent a text to my mum saying that she raised her daughter very well and i was blushing…we had to call my sister in law who told us to make use of a lubricant so it wont always hurt and today we enjoy sex like never before…Its worth the wait guys,if I can do it ,you too can” Story from Mrs. I. Helen

“The wedding night is worth waiting for especially if your husband is a virgin. The joy of my husband not being able to penetrate me easily was great! Seeing that he doesn’t even know the hole of penetration was wow!(mennnn it was sweet when I saw him battling to locate the power house. I was shocked! I wouldn’t have believed there are men like that o, it was cool though.. I enjoyed every bit of the naivity.) Although it was very painful but it was a joyous pain💃💃. Tears flowed during the penetration process but even the tears was a sweet one. For weeks, the battle continued but we overcame at last. All I was just saying was wow, sex is worth waiting for! I usually don’t talk raw this way, but I want this to help someone. Brother please wait. Sister wait. Sex is worth waiting for. Virginity isn’t for females alone, it is for both male and female. Wait, and you’ll be glad you did!” Story from Mrs. Philip

Let me tell you what true sexual freedom is: it is the freedom, on your wedding night, of knowing there is no longer any boundary. It is the freedom of knowing you are loved and protected. It is the freedom of pure, ecstatic appreciation of your beauty. It is the freedom of knowing the man in bed with you will not be gone in the morning.