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3 Proven Ways to make a woman feel loved

how to make a woman feel loved

No matter the age, race, educational level or exposure, it has been ascertained that all women respond to life with the same microphone – their emotions. Although a bit complicated, the emotional makeup of women can either be a blessing or a curse to the men in their lives. Men who take the time to understand the make-up of women would get the best from their women than other men who don’t give a damn. In addition to studying your woman’s emotional make-up and knowing what works best for her, here are 3 proven ways to make a woman feel loved.

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3 proven ways to make a woman feel loved

  1. Affection
  2. Attention
  3. Appreciation
Ways to make a woman feel loved #1 Affection:

Even if your woman knows that you love her, she wants to hear it from you. Why? Because every woman (and most men) like to be told how, and why, they are special. If you were to say ‘I love you’ one thousand times in a day, you both would be tired of your love life in 24 hours. However, there are more than one thousand and one other ways to tell your woman that you love her.

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Romance to a woman is different from what it is to a man. While it may mean sex for a man, it means affection for the woman. It could be as little as buying her flowers, sending her love text messages from time to time and making her feel great about herself. Laugh with her. Remember important dates and surprise her. We all love surprises. But I believe ladies do more. King Solomon sure has enough of this skills and he penned them down in the Songs of Solomon just in case you don’t know how to show your woman affection.

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how to make a woman feel loved
Ways to make a woman feel loved #2 Attention:

Spending time with your woman means a lot to her. It means you’re making her your priority. When you create time for her in the middle of your busy schedules, she feels more special. Think about how a mother would attend to and care for her new born? That’s exactly how to care for your woman. Just like a baby girl would clamor for the attention of her dad, your woman needs your attention. She needs you to watch her speak and act her dramas. When she is in distress, she needs you to sit there, listen, acknowledge what she says and be empathetic. At such moments, don’t try to fix her! Sometimes however, she wants you to talk. She has doubts and only your answers will make her feel secure. Your woman needs you to develop her. Give her good counsels, but leave her to make her choice. Pray and intercede for her. Teach her the scriptures. Help her develop her God given talents and abilities. The list is endless.

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Ways to make a woman feel loved #3 Appreciation:

Always compliment and appreciate your woman. We all expect to be appreciated when we’ve done something worthwhile, men shouldn’t wait until then before they compliment their women. Appreciate the minor and major things she does for you. A woman who is always appreciated will never depreciate. Does she need your help? Of course she does. Appreciate her by lending a helping hand.

Start today and see what happens!

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