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God’s Purpose for your life |4 signs you are not living in God’s purpose

Do you know that God has something great coming up for you, but your future still look blur? You expect that He’ll carry you on eagle’s wing to the fulfillment of your destiny, but you still don’t know how this is going to happen? Instead of a general feeling of happiness penetrating your life, you are down, unmotivated, and discouraged with your pieces of shattered dreams? It’s frustrating! You glance around and see your colleagues living energetic and important lives. They have profound connections, compensating employments and are pursuing their God-given dreams passionately.  They seem to have the ability to know east from west and that forces them to bounce up every morning with a spring in their progression. Sometimes you ask yourself, what the difference between you and them is. Feeling purposeless is unfathomably disappointing. You need to find God’s purpose for your life!

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4 signs you are not living in Gods purpose for your life.

Just before you get started trying to find God’s purpose for your life, lets examine the 4 signs that you are not living in God’s purpose for your life.


We should begin with the undeniable here. Are you living your life obtrusively ignoring the bible? It’s pretty much like asking if you are living your life ignoring God, His love for you, His sacrifice on the cross, and His gift of eternal life. If yes, then you are not living in God’s purpose for your life. Until you choose to place faith in Christ, that feeling of aimlessness would accompany your journey through life. You were created to find pleasure in pleasing God. Until you choose to, you can’t live out God’s purpose for your life.

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In the event that you approach your days encountering little satisfaction, you’re most likely not doing what you were intended to do. God’s purpose for your life comes with a sense of satisfaction that originates from doing fulfilling, significant, deliberate things you have being made by God to do. When you begin to meet God’s expectation for your life, joy and excitement accompanies your day to day activities. Your occupation, relationships and side interests fall in line and bring you fulfillment. Although, you may have to face certain situations that are exhausting and unfulfilling, your life is never devoid of the joy and peace that comes from living a purposeful life. In case your whole life is dark, devoid of joy and excitement, you are not yet living in God’s purpose for your life.

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Do you feel completely stuck in your life’s journey? You know you should go a specific way but you are too confused you can’t even take a step? Soon, you discover that time is gone and you are left with a feeling of disappointment? These are likely signs that you have not yet discovered God’s purpose for your life. If you haven’t found it, then you are not yet living it.


If you don’t have a clue about God’s purpose for your life, confusion is inevitable. You feel like you’re meandering from thing to thing with no forward advancement. Nothing energizes you. You don’t have particular objectives or focus for your life. In contrast to the Israelites, who wandered for a long time yet still had an objective (the promised land), you don’t have an objective before you.

Despite the fact that you have no inclination about God’s purpose for your existence yet, that doesn’t mean you’re lost. You can recover your feeling of direction and find what God has for your life. You can find God’s purpose for your life today!

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