• September 29, 2022 10:40 pm

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Step off the bloody carpet

Step off the bloody carpet

Everyone desires to be great in life, but only a few are careful about the kind of price they pay as they strive to get there. Some get there by paying the right and godly prices; while a lot of others get there, matching on a bloody carpet happily on a daily basis.

Step off the bloody carpet: From flesh to spirit

Bloody carpet here refers to the wrong means man adopts as he seeks fortunes in life. Some push others down to rise. Some drag the pace of others from ascending fast to their destiny fulfilment. Others even take delight in literally killing their fellow men to get what they want in life. Yet, it won’t be worth the wickedness in the end because all men, including the wicked, will die irrespective of their possessions. In the long run, the dangers of such wickedness are usually unbearable.

Step off the bloody carpet: Are you a believer or a murderer?

My friend, are you among those walking on the bloody carpet to the throne of destiny? God is earnestly calling you to come out of that vice and malicious lifestyle today. He can give you a brand new life if you’re willing, or you won’t be able to escape the reward of Karma here on earth, and the wrath of God in times ahead. Selah!

Written by Newman G. Oladimeji