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Relationship Advice for single ladies | Types of suitors


Singles must never get tired of receiving relationship tips. Especially single ladies who happen to always be at the receiving ends of any relationship. If you are a lady then this relationship advice is for you

There are 2 types of Suitors that will come promising marriage:

1) The One who only came for Sex and will use marriage as a ruse.

2) The One who actually came for Marriage

How to differentiate between this types of Suitors? CLOSE YOUR LEGS!

If he came for sex, he won’t stay.
He’ll find an excuse and leave. Good riddance

If he came for marriage, yes, he’ll stay, because he knows after marriage, Heaven and Earth will open for him.

5 movies Christian singles must watch before marriage

Stop giving your treasures to swine who will only turn around to rend you .

Stop opening your legs for Men who aren’t ready to do the needful, who just want to test/taste and go.

Carry blessing into your marriage, not the curse of a defiled bed.

Keep yourself for your Husband.

You’re Royalty.
Royalty isn’t cheap

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Written by Musa Gift

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