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Compatibility in Relationships | Must you marry a graduate? – Seun Oladele

Compatibility in Relationships

Whether or not you should marry a graduate is a question of compatibility in relationships. Asking if you should marry a graduate is asking if you should marry someone with the same intellectual capacity as you.

It’s okay to have a high taste when considering a life partner. You must marry someone you are proud of. Someone who won’t disgrace you in public, whose spoken English tallies with yours, someone who keeps improving and does not celebrate mediocrity.

Compatibility in Relationships: The kind of man you cannot marry

In marriage, you need someone who can understand you when you talk, comprehend your mode and method of communication and assimilate information passed without blanking out. You need someone who can digest your messages without stress so you won’t be wasting time trying to explain yourself over and over again before they can grasp what should be understood in 2 minutes. You need someone at the same intellectual level as you are! That is part of what makes marriage so sweet. A simple ignorance in the area of compatibility in relationships is the painful reason many are divorced today.

Education increases intelligence, no doubt but education goes beyond the 4 walls of a classroom. Someone can be a degree holder and has low intelligence while a secondary school certificate holder displays a higher level of intelligence, wisdom, success than 10 graduates put together!

Going to school does not make you smart if you don’t read and exercise your brain! So when considering a life partner, don’t just focus on their degree, focus more on intellectual compatibility! I have met graduates who do not look like they passed through the four walls of a classroom and I’ve met school cert holders, school drop outs, NCE/HND holders who are high achievers!

You need someone who is smart, always learning, always reading, always improving, keen, curious, sharp, teachable, adventurous to enjoy your life with not someone who yawns at the sight of a book, spend several hours watching romantic movies, waste all their lives chatting on social media on irrelevant/senseless issues that contributes absolutely nothing sensible in their lives and end their days watching pornography! These set of people make marriage dull, boring, frustrating and sad despite their truck load of degrees!

Bottom line, marry someone you are compatible with in every area including intellectual compatibility.

Compatibility in Relationships: Mistakes couples must never make

Marry someone who can flow with you when you communicate.

Marry someone who shares the same core beliefs and outlook on life with you.

Marry someone who shows interest in what you show interest in.

The person may be a graduate and may not be. Intellectual compatibility is key!

But if you wont be happy without marrying a graduate, by all means marry a graduate.

If you are an academic and your life can only be better when you marry an academic, by all means, marry an academic.

If your partner must have at least first degree or you may commit suicide if they don’t, please, marry a man/woman with at least first degree.

There are some jobs you will never get without having your degree though.

There is a limit to how far you can climb some corporate ladder if you don’t have at least first degree. If you want your partner to be relevant in the corporate world, you can’t marry someone who is not well educated.

However, success in life goes beyond getting a degree.

The richest man in the world is a school drop out.

Seun Osewa of Nairaland dropped out of the university and is a billionaire today.

Mark Zuckerberge is a school drop out yet he is multi billionaire in dollars! His high thinking brain and high level of intelligence produced facebook.

Actress Omotola Jolade was already a star before acquiring a degree!

Anthony Robbins, a world celebrated motivational speaker never went to the university yet intellectuals bow anytime he speaks.

Yet, there are those shaking their worlds and are graduates.

The world celebrated, neuro surgeon: Ben Carson was a graduate of Yale university.

Linda Ikeji is a social media billionaire and a graduate of University of Lagos.

Choose what works for you.

It’s not compulsory degree must marry degree, HND must marry HND, NCE must marry NCE.

Bishop Oyedepo had HND when he married his wife, a degree holder, we all know who is commanding higher results!

Go to school if you must. Marry someone who goes to school and are very intelligent if you must.

Above all else, MARRY GOD’S WILL.

God knows who suits you most.

I hope this post is clear?

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele