• September 29, 2022 9:02 pm

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From flesh to spirit

From flesh to spirit

You are a spirit being in the likeness of your maker and you are made to live forever. You may lose your flesh but you will live forever because you are a spirit being that can never die.

From flesh to spirit, Are you a believer or a murderer?

Though currently you manifest in the flesh but one day when your time is up you will return to your spirit status and then proceed to where you truly belong.

Where you will go has to do with what you have done when you were in the flesh and not the properties you have or the name you have made.

Though we call some people around us tenant because they pay to occupy a building that never belongs to them. But in reality we are all tenant here on earth because whatever we claim we own here belong to the earth and not us because we can not travel into the spirit world with them.

One thing remain our asset when we have been transformed or metamorphosed into the spirit world. That single thing, is the life we have lived here on earth while in the flesh. So, cooperate with your maker, be kind to your fellow men and live well.

From flesh to spirit, step off the bloody carpet

When I say live well I mean doing what is right in both physical and spiritual sense. Make peace with your maker and your fellow humans, be sorry for all your wrong, repent from them and be devoted to your maker’s will.

Do the will of the one who has power to call you home anytime. Fear he who has power to consume the flesh and torture your spirit. And please, do this while you are still in the flesh because there is no repentance in the spirit world and that spirit world could come to you any time. Don’t think you can guess because it could be closer than you think. Remember today is already a minus.

Shakespeare put it this way “To die to sleep, no more and by a sleep to say we end”. To end, is to proceed to that spirit world. In that spirit world there lies only two options, it is either *Heaven or Hell* Remember, you don’t go there to choose, you make your choice right here. You will die the life you live.

Though there are so many ways people think they can make peace with their maker, but the only way I know is Jesus Christ. So, I pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ and I wish you can do the same as not to regret of ever coming to this world. Heaven is real, Hell fire is sure, while your decision is the life you are living now.