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Why God leads us through difficult paths

why God leads us through difficult paths

Why does God leads us through difficult paths? This is a question that bothers the average believer.

“Lord, why? Why are there so many turning points on my journey? The world doesn’t understand. I don’t understand either.

Friends and family think I’m crazy. Well, I feel weird too sometimes. Yet your voice sounds too loud to be ignored.

Lord you know, I have always wished to accept your blessed will with all joy. But Lord, the world makes it difficult.

The brethren who should understand better would not. Foolishness, fanaticism, backsliding among others have been the most frequent description of what this is.

Over and over again I wish you could convince a soul nearby – that you are the one, the compass, guiding my every move.”

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you had to suffer emotionally to follow God’s leading? Ever asked yourself why God leads us through difficult times?

Congratulations if you have!

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Do you know that most times when God leads along a seeming difficult path, it is because there are lives in need of preservation?

When Jesus would be led to the cross, it was because there was a mankind to be redeemed.

When Paul the Apostle would have to suffer cruel reproaches, it was because there was a gentile world to be reached.

When Peter would need to face the confrontations of his fellow Jewish brethren, it was because there was a Cornelius who needed the light.

What joy! What splendor! When in heaven you meet a soul – a soul that was preserved because you went against the odds to obey!


Why God leads us through difficult times, Overcome Negative thoughts