• September 29, 2022 9:35 pm

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12 Encouraging Get out of Depression Quotes for you


Wake up, cheer up, do away with tears and keep trying. Reject everything that will make you lose confidence in yourself. Get out of depression. Tell your self I can do it and for sure you will do it.

Everyone has something great in life that they wish to achieve before they descend to that cold and lonely place, their inability to get that thing or those things done as scheduled bring depression with suicide as the end result.

get out of depression quotes

Get out of Depression – Overcome Negative Thoughts.

The average youth of this generation is easily depressed. I know their plight. They have taken a good look at their environment and what they see is either a bleak future or no future at all.

Depression has no respect for wealth or affluence. Even the rich have situations in their lives that could get them depressed. You are not alone.

A great destiny stands for self fulfillment that would set a stage for true happiness to flourish.

I understand that some youth choose the path of suicide because they think they will not be able to pay back what they owe their sponsors let alone live their life. Away from such thought, your maker has not forgotten you. He is with you.

Get out of depression – Lead an excellent life

You may seems lonely today and that’s because things have not started working the way people expected. Once you pick up, you will have more than enough people around you, but get this, mark those around you now they are your true companion. Those that will join you when things start working for you are only coming for their pockets and interest, be wise!

Not all your colleagues have forsaken you. Some are busy like you trying to find their feet and the few lucky ones may not be able to help you now because they are not yet matured in the system.

get out of depression quotesBe anxious for nothing. Be courageous! Anxiety and worries have helped no one neither will it help you. Stand on your feet, be brave and keep going.

Get out of depression – Stay with God!

Win the battle bit by bit, seconds by seconds, minute by minute, day by day and before you know it you will see your dream come through.

For those with failing health, Jesus heals. For those in trouble Jesus delivers, Jesus saves. But In everything give thanks to God, embrace the prince of peace. Allow God to have his way in your life.

If you make God first in your life and every other thing second, then you will have no reason to be depressed or contemplate suicide. Because if you have God, you have everything!

JOHN F. Boniface.