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Pastor Kumuyi |5 reasons why you must never marry an unbeliever

pastor kumuyi

In his book, Marriage and Family Life, Pastor Kumuyi, the general supretendent of Deeper Life Bible Church itemized five reasons why a believer must never consider marrying an unbeliever.

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Apart from the fact that scriptures clearly instructs believers to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, here are five observable reasons why you must never consider that option. In the end, God must have known that a believer and an unbeliever cannot thrive successfully in a marital relationship.

Pastor Kumuyi’s reason #1:

  • Believers walk by faith and unbelievers walk by sight. Therefore, you will never be able to get along together. He who walks by sight is easily tired. He who walks by faith affirms he will get anywhere Christ leads him to go. Can two walk together except they be agreed?

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Pastor Kumuyi’s reason #2:

  • Believers have complete allegiance to God. Unbelievers have their own allegiance to the world, their families and the traditions of men. If these two- a believer and unbeliever come together in marriage, there will be divided loyalty in the home. While the believing partner is loyal to God, the unbelieving partner is loyal to the world.

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Pastor Kumuyi’s reason #3:

  • Conflict in decision making: while the word of God provides the believing partner a guide for decision making, the unbelieving partner relies on his or her mind for guidance. They have different sources of information and cannot walk together.

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Pastor Kumuyi’s reason #4:

  • The believer and unbeliever have different goals, pursuits and ambitions in life. So they would literally be tearing the family apart if they come together in marriage.

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Pastor Kumuyi’s reason #5:

  • Both are possessed by different spirits. The unbeliever walks according to the dictate of the spirit of the power of the air. The believer is controlled by the Holy Spirit. When they marry, two different spirits, diametrically opposed to each other in nature and works, begin a long struggle.