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How to propose to a Christian lady

how to propose to a christian lady

How do you propose to a christian lady? A singer in my local dialect sang “I go marry you, no be wahala”. There’s no problem at all with proposing. Only that things can be made better by learning and that’s why this article is been brought to you.

Hey brothers! Lets have some talk. Marriage is sacred and should be treated as one. You cannot go about marriage like every Dick and Harry does. We are believers, we should act like one. So you have proposed to about five sisters in less than two weeks? What type of a brother are you? That’s confusion now, and God is not an author of confusion. He is still in the business of leading His people in marriage. Pray and He will lead you aright. When you are sure of your leading or feelings, do carry your discipler or pastor along. His/her counsels and prayers will go a long way.

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Having said that. When you have prayed and you are sure you have finally found your heart throb, how do you go about the proposal?

Here are 10 tips on how to propose to a christian lady:

how to propose to a christian lady

How to propose to a Christian lady #1: Be Secretive enough about it

Many brothers make the mistake of trying to follow her up on calls and messages such that the sister already sensed something fishy. Even if you must follow her up, there are other ways around that, you could link up with her friends. “Be Secretive enough about it”. Let her not see it coming. Women love surprises!

How to propose to a Christian lady #2: Don’t be timid. Build your confidence

There are brothers who think that the sister is spiritual and will take their timidity for humility. The truth however is that confidence in yourself sends the signal that you are sure of your leading. Besides confidence appeal to the romantic emotion of women. And believe me, women love romance. Sister or no sister.

How to propose to a Christian lady #3: Dress well

Your dressing speaks ahead of you. If you don’t know how to dress, learn for this occasion. Women love memories and you’re about to make one in her life. Even if you are going to get a No, atleast let it not be because of your shabby dressing. Dress well. If your dressing depicts defeat, don’t expect victory.

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How to propose to a Christian lady #4: Do less of cramming, concentrate on the “eye contact” technique

Looking straight into her eye balls and speaking from your heart can be a platform for God to create an instant chemistry of love. Cramming your speech especially if you’re the nervous type may not avail you this opportunity. You need not cram your speech. Look into her eyes and speak from your heart.

How to propose to a Christian lady #5: Keep your leading to yourself

Whatever confirmations you have from God about your marriage is better kept to yourself at this stage. You don’t want to coarse her into the marriage. Remember she’s also a child of God and has the Spirit of God in her. Why you may want her to see reasons to accept your proposals, you should avoid laying emphasis on how God led you. Allow God lead her to you.

How to propose to a Christian lady #6: Keep your “WORLD” to yourself

This is not the time to overburden her with all your plans and ambitions. It’s just a time to make your intentions known, concentrate on doing that. Avoid emphasis on your ministerial calling, dreams, goals and ambitions. Sincerely allow her pray and see the need to say YES to you.

How to propose to a Christian lady #7: Don’t make the mistake of expecting an instant YES

Most Christian sisters would not. Make her feel comfortable with the fact that you’re okay if she does not have an answer yet. If she gets nervous during your proposal, calm her down with your smiles. If you are the one getting overly nervous. Take a deep breath, smile and continue. You’ve come too far to look back.

how to propose to a christian lady

How to propose to a Christian lady #8: Being flirty is not the same as been romantic

Don’t in a bid to woo her, make flirty comments. You’re supposed to be a brother and she’s supposed to be a sister. A comment on her dress is not bad but be sure that you are not giving her the impression that you want to marry her beauty, her hips or her bursts.

How to propose to a Christian lady #9: Prayer

You have always been praying before this time. Be sure to pray after this time. Be open minded to God. Trust that whatever her response is, has nothing to do with you. It is between her and God.

How to propose to a Christian lady #10: Be Patient

Don’t make the mistake of checking on her subsequent days after your proposal. It only sends the signal that you may be in a rush. Allow her be for some time while you keep praying. If you get a call in the next one month, you’re lucky. If not, in the next two months, call her back to ascertain that she’s praying and still has you in mind.


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