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Mercy Benjamin and Pastor Kumuyi | Everything is wrong with Mercy Benjamin’s claim that Pastor Kumuyi ruined her childhood


Mercy Benjamin and Pastor Kumuyi: The young lady who is a Blogger and also works as a Web Developer in Lagos took to her social media handle yesterday to share her ‘sad truth’ that pastor Kumuyi ruined her childhood.

Why we warned our members of watching television – Pastor W.F Kumuyi

The young lady who claimed to be born to Deeper life parents took to her verified Facebook page to share her childhood experiences as a Deeper life member. Just before I show you everything wrong with not just her truth but Mercy Benjamin herself, read her claims below:

Mercy Benjamin's allegation against pastor kumuyi
pastor kumuyi and mercy benjamin trending

Can I introduce myself to you? Just so you know that I know what I’m about to write. I’m Fruitful E. John. I’m a blogger as well as a youth counsellor. I was born and raised in Deeper Life Bible Church. I still attend Deeper Life Bible Church.

Mercy Benjamin's allegation against pastor kumuyi

Now, to the faults in Mercy Benjamin and her claims. The first thing that caught my attention on her wall was that the best description she gives of herself is that she is an UNBELIEVER. A fact that is obvious throughout her timeline. What do you expect of a bonafied unbeliever if not what Mercy Benjamin is doing?

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Pastor W.F Kumuyi taught in the past that the TV would not do believers much good. He even called it the devil’s box. In his more recent messages, Pastor Kumuyi has explained himself. At that time, TV was new and was a major distraction to believers. Today, technology has evolved. Even your smartphone is now more dangerous than the television. Now he understands that it is your resolution and your commitment to God that will keep you from the devil’s content in the media. He knows better now and he has explained this to the sheeps in his flock.

Why we warned our members of watching television – Pastor W.F Kumuyi

I happen to listen to that message and I was grateful for his sincerity. Unfortunately, Mercy Benjamin had wandered away before then. And because she has, she can’t even forgive and that’s because unbelievers don’t understand the concept of forgiveness. Mercy Benjamin need prayers. Believers who are cursing her are not doing well at all. The young lady needs to be shown the love of Christ. We need to pray that God’s mercy finds Mercy Benjamin and that on time.

Mercy Benjamin also claimed that poverty was a way of life for deeper-lifers. I disagree! Pastor Kumuyi has never taught that poverty is the way to heaven. Rather consistently, he has preached that seeking first the kingdom of God, sobriety and choosing not to be worldly are the hallmarks of true Christianity. A trait I find in his mentors like John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon and the rest.

I’m so sorry Mercy, if your dad didn’t get that message right. But something tells me he did. I feel like you chose this path you are now treading a long time ago. This blinded you to the truth. Pastor Kumuyi taught the flock that we must never loose our Salvation in the guest for wealth. I presume you wanted your dad to do that so you could have the best of childhood. Thank God he didn’t. If your dad continues on the narrow way, he will have the best of life in Heaven. I pray that you do not miss this life too.

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“Lord Jesus, I join my faith with other believers who would visit this blog and who would be praying for Mercy Benjamin in their closets. We ask Lord in the unity of faith that you will encounter Mercy. Lord we ask that, this which the devil meant for evil will be turned around for the Salvation of Mercy and for the progress of the body of Christ in Nigeria. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!”


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