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Tips for Job Hunting in Nigeria: 5 things you didn’t think mattered

Over the years, job hunting strategies in most countries have evolved with the advancement in technology. It’s a pity however that in the search for jobs, Nigerian graduates pay less attention to this and how it tells on their job applications.

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While these job hunting tips may not be needed for all kinds of employment opportunities, It is certainly needed for highly paid professional and corporate jobs. More so, If you care about working for a digital-driven company. Pay attention to these five job hunting tips and you’re on your way to landing your first job.

Job hunt in Nigeria

Tips for job hunting in Nigeria #1:

First, your online presence. In Nigeria, the larger percentage of unemployed fresh graduates do not have an online presence. A few who do, do not see the medium as an employment strategy.

With 71% of the world on the internet, it’s never been easier to get in front of the world. Building an online portfolio on various internet platforms such as blogs and social media are a great way to connect with potential professional employers and companies. If you do not have an online presence as a job seeker yet, you sure are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to start out with.

Tips for job hunting in Nigeria #2:

While you build an online portfolio, be careful that your offline portfolio matches. Your curriculum vitae is an essential part of your job applications. Gone are the days when a well drafted curriculum vitae could be adopted for different job opportunities. In today’s Nigeria, you cannot afford to own just one format. There is a need to make researches before applying for jobs. Then, you can ensure that your curriculum vitae meet the needs and requirements of the organization you’re applying to. You didn’t think that mattered? Well, you know better now!

Tips for job hunting in Nigeria #3:

Here is another thing you’ve probably ignored – the relevance of your portfolio in the labor market. Digital skills is one of the trending needs for most organizations today. It adds relevance to your portfolio in a world that is fast becoming digital. You should consider taking one or more digital courses. The google online digital marketing course is a fundamental place to start.

Tips for job hunting in Nigeria #4:

Owning an organization may not only land you your first job, it helps you gather wealth of experiences. Applying for internships in your company of interest is one great way to own them. Most companies will gladly receive a hardworking job seeker who wants to work freely under the term ‘Intern’. While this may be a lot tasking and sacrificial, it’s going to get you started on the strong foundation you need to get to the peak of your profession. And who knows, the company might as well employ you. The tip is ‘work for free and own the organization.’ The factors are hard work, integrity and loyalty.

Tips for job hunting in Nigeria #5:

One more thing. Who are you? Are you employable? Why do you think you are? How do you intend to affect the organization you are applying to? These and many more are questions that needs be answered in your application letter. It’s okay if writing is not your thing. There are professional writers who can help out. Reach out to them and make sure your application letter is well written. Identify a problem in that organization. Find the solution to that problem and sell yourself as a problem solver. Defend your application letter with great confidence at the interview and get a congratulatory feedback.

tips for job hunting in nigeria

You’ve learnt quite a lot in this short piece right? Utilize them. Build your online presence. Have your curriculum vitae written to meet the needs of the organization you are applying to. Enrich it by enrolling and getting certified in a number of digital skills. Sell yourself with a well written application letter. Congratulations! – in advance on your gainful employment.