• October 1, 2022 8:57 am

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How to resolve conflicts with your spouse

Just few days ago, I was having the baby blues. Medical experts call it postpartum syndrome where hubby is always offending me (how I feel.)


When such feelings come and he notices, we grab chairs and sit down for an uninterrupted conversation about what’s bothering both of us. We try not to sleep over it.



Speaking our minds without holding anything back.

Listening to each other with proper feedback loop.

Asking clarifying questions without any assumption.

Admitting those areas we have wronged each other and apologize.

Making a commitment to move forward and not bringing the past to affect the present.

Believing each other because the Bible says “love believes all things.”

And forgiving each other for any misunderstanding we may have by the grace of God. Then we are back on our feet again.


10 things every woman wants in a man


This may sound simple but without the Spirit of God and His word residence in you it may be a little challenging, because the world do not see marriage relationship as the scripture sees it.



This is why we must all follow the path of holiness and allow God to guide everything we do.



I tell you it is sweeter than you ever imagine. There’s peace when both of you walk together in this highway of God’s righteousness.



Try God today and see. First step is repentance and forsaking the ways of sins. He will forgive those who call upon His name and accept Jesus in their lives. Everything else is secondary and He will take care of it.



Mrs. Rabi Egunjobi encouraging you.