• September 29, 2022 9:45 pm

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Don’t be like brother Samson!

“Women are terrible! They are the reason the world is in jeopardy. Even the religious cycle is not left out. They keep seducing and bringing down men of God, the same way Delilah did to Samson!”

Stop there!


Yes, right here.


Talking about Samson, you think Delilah was the course of his downfall?


No! Or maybe – partially.



Every time you hear the story of Samson, the first thing that drops on your mind is a man that lost his strength on the laps of a woman. But No! – your thought is not completely right. Delilah did not cause the downfall of Samson.



Here, before Samson was Othniel, Ehud, Gideon, Jephthah among others, none of these men recorded a downfall in their ministry through women. You think its because Delilah wasn’t available? Of course not! It was because they had a vision and a focus such that no Delilah could distract them.


In every generation, there are Delilahs – on campuses, on the street, in your neighborhood perhaps even in your church. But if you ever fall into the sin of sexual immorality, it is your fault and not there’s.



In Samson I see the danger of an unguided life, the risk of an inconsistent faith, the consequences of an unguarded emotion, the repercussion of a life without discernment and ultimately I see a man with a great destiny but without vision – no foresight, no focus and no purpose. Behold the peril of a great destiny without vision!



Just like Samson, most believers recognize that they have a great destiny in Christ yet they never persist to lay hold on the vision. Instead, many live day in day out allowing circumstances to dictate their path. This was one of Samson’s mistakes and it gave way to other risks in his life.



It is dangerous to be a Nazarite without a vision.


It is dangerous to have a great destiny without a focus. It is dangerous to be a believer without a purpose.



While your Samson moves aimlessly on the earth, the Philistines are putting strategies in place to hinder and cut short your destiny. If you don’t take your destiny serious, the devil does. And oh how dangerous it is for the enemy to know more than you the worth of what you carry!