This groundnut with shell has been in my kitchen for monthssss. I would have discarded them but Ichanged my mind to use as peanut burger.

I deshelled and made dough. Started the unnecessary novice journey of rolling, putting in groundnut one by one and then rolling. I was like what kind of stress is this?

“You mean this is what those selling peanut burger do? I really doubt it.”

I doubted my procedure but still continued foolishly. I struggled and finished rolling in all the nuts.

Then I said to myself “let me look up online what I should do before setting out to fry.”

I got the shocker of my life. My procedure is very foolish. I just stressed myself for nothing.

I should have put groundnut in egg mixture then in dry flour mixture and repeat the process till I have my desired coating.

Oh my, I was so disappointed in myself for not checking online before embarking on the unnecessary stress.

I should have sat down and learnt from experts before taking long , energy sapping procedure which didn’t even turn out well.

I learnt my lessons and you also must learn.

Don’t think you know something well until you you have made research.

Always sit FIRST to learn from experts before you waste time, energy and resources in your life journey.

To make the best things of life, you dont necessarily need to stress all the time.

Stress may not give you the best results. Skill does. Get all the skills. WORK SMART, not HARD.

Written by Opeyemi Alabi

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