• October 1, 2022 8:33 am

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7 things christian ladies should look out for in a man

When I was much younger, a male friend asked what I wanted in a man. As I write about my response now, I find it hilarious. I wanted a man who is born again, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost – no more, no less. In my outstandingly smart brain, any man who had the above qualities was good to go.

Then I grew up and started seeing men who had those qualities with bad marriages. It then dawned on me that although those qualities are needed, a man who will treat his wife well and make his home heaven on earth has more work to do.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the qualities a potential Christian husband should have. If you are a lady, you want to pay attention, and trust God for this kind of man. If you are a man, you want to read this and make adjustments in your life where necessary.


A God-Driven man is more than a man that goes to church. He may be serving in God’s vineyard but that’s not what you are looking out for. He is a man who has a relationship with God. He knows and cares about God’s standards for marriage. He will seek the will of God for every decision in his life. He relies on God more than he does on cultures and traditions of men.

Do you know that we have many so-called ‘godly brothers’ who are not God-Conscious? That’s why we have many marriages failing in the body of Christ. A God-Conscious man is a man who will honor you because God’s word says so. He will deal with you in wisdom because He is convinced He has to. He will treat you like Christ loves the church because he has a revelation of it. He knows you are a gift and favor from the Lord. He will hold your hands and ensure that you both make eternity in heaven.


A man that has not discovered God’s purpose for his life is not a potential husband. Such a man may make grievous mistakes in life. You don’t want to marry a man who has no direction for his life. He will end up confusing your path too. A purpose driven man is that man who knows that God has created him for a purpose and has decided to fulfill that purpose no matter what. He is a man living for the betterment of the world and the reward of eternity. He has a divine goal set for him. And he wakes up every morning with that goal in mind.


Another quality a Christian lady should look out for in a man is accountability. Does he have a church he is accountable too? A pastor? A spiritual mentor? Has he undergone discipleship at any point in his life? Many Christian ladies have fallen victim to wolves in sheep’s clothing because they found such wolves in church. You need to be sure you are not marrying a hypocrite. Apart from his parents, does he have a spiritual leadership authority over his life?


A man who wakes up everyday with no attempt at life is a disaster waiting to happen. Does he have a job? If not, what is he doing with his life? Adam had a garden before God brought Eve to him. Does he have a garden, he will feed you from? I understand it may not be a big garden, but it must be big enough to feed the both of you while you trust God for enlargement. Can he take good care of you with his money? Some christian brothers hide their stinginess under spirituality. You need to be sure!


The kind of man you should marry is a man who is not threatened by your achievements in life. A man who does not see you as competition. He knows your worth and appreciates you. He wants you to get to the peak at whatever you are doing, not minding his own achievements. He is not the jealous type.


Communication is an essential part of relationships. A man who does not know how to talk should do his home work before walking you down the aisle. Women need to talk! Its an essential need for them. You need a man you can talk to and talk with. A man who can relate with your words as well as your emotions. A man who will be patient enough to understand you and communicate with your needs in mind.


Irrespective of his temperament, a potential husband is a man who knows how to laugh and love. The home is not a war zone. The world is full of challenges that can choke up your marriage. A man who knows how to make you smile in the midst of the storms will make your existence in the world fun.

Other qualities include:

Romance – a man who knows how to make a woman feel special.

A man who understands his responsibility as a man and is developing his leadership capability.

A family man – a man who cares about family. He does not find it boring to be around relatives or children. He will be available at home as much as possible.

Respect – a man who knows how to respect people and their opinions even if he has a different view. He is a man that will respect your parent and siblings in the future.

What are the other qualities you think should be here but are not here? Let me hear from you in the comments.