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Gloria Bamiloye – Ideal qualities to look for in a marriage partner

Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye shares in her written work the ideal qualities to look for in a marriage partner. Read below.

The most important quality of the person you intend to marry is their salvation. He or she must be born again. They must know your God and Submit to Him. Even though the world is full of fake believers, you must be sure of his or her salvation by listening to your Spirit. Moreover, the Bible says we shall know them by their fruits. Watch very carefully. Open your spiritual eyes and you will not be deceived.

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Another very important point is his or her commitment to work. Does he have a spiritual or secular job? What is he doing to populate the kingdom of God even if he is involved in a secular job?

Don’t ever marry a useless and visionless man. He will mess up your life and make your life boring. If he claims to be on full time ministry, how committed is he to the assignment given to him by God? Because there are some who claim to be in the ministry but lacks the anointing. All they do is to float around churches and ministries without waiting on God to know wherever they are planted. So many young brothers are out there doing nothing. All that they are concerned with is how to make money very fast. They are not ready to grow.

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Don’t ever marry such a brother if you want to have a glorious future. He will make your life miserable. Marry someone who has a vision and who also stands by the vision. Don’t be moved by material things but if he is busy digging the ground, such a man is worth following because one day, he will hit gold. Such a man needs a helper. Adam was busy in the garden before God saw the need to give him a helper. If you are not doing anything for the Lord, you don’t deserve a helper.

Men should pray to marry a sister who loves and is ready to serve God. Marry a virtuous woman who is also a prophetess, a prayer warrior like Deborah if you know you have a vision to fulfill. A prophetess is someone who loves God, hears Him and knows his way. Marry a sister who believes in your vision and who is ready to submit and follow you. Do not allow yourself to be deceived into marrying a sister who is full of her ways. She will destroy your destiny.

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There are so many born again sisters out there who walk in the flesh. They don’t agree with what the Bible says about submission. Many have been brainwashed by fake doctrines. Some are career ladies; born again believers who believe whoever they marry must be ready to follow them because of their lucrative work. Run from such a sister if you have a vision to fulfill. They will destroy your vision and make your life miserable.

Every man of vision needs a helper; someone who will complement you. Whatever you are doing before marriage is very small compared to the main thing God has for you. Your wife is meant to make your life complete because God has put a part of you in her. That is why she is sent into your life as your helpmeet. You don’t beg such to follow or to share your vision. It is already in her waiting for time she will be located by you.

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The best a woman can do for a man is to submit. She must believe in his vision and be ready to support it with all her life. She is created for him, to take care of him and make his home comfortable.

Finally, marry a sister who loves to cook. Even if she does not know how to cook due to her background, she will be ready to learn and to give you good food. Food is very important in the home. Do not marry a lazy sister who is not interested in cooking. That is why Proverb 31 is written in the Bible. She must be ready to nurture your household with good things of life.

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Look out for such a woman who is ready to obey this instruction of God and you will go far in life. Do not marry a lady who has no time for God; a lady who is only interested in activities and service, but not in prayer.

When a lady loves to be in the Lord’s presence, she will be spiritually alive. She will love to pray and will constantly seek his face for your home and ministry. Marry a prayerful sister and you will go far in life and in the ministry.

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