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5 Mount Zion movies Christian singles must watch in 2020


Mount zion movies with messages for christian singles provides more insight into what Christian love and romance should look like. Relationship with marriage in view has a lot of checks and balances. You cannot afford to walk down the aisle unprepared. Part of your preparation is observing other marriages and learning as many lessons as possible.


Watching Christian movies is another way for Christian singles to prepare. You enjoy the play and you get the message. Mount Zion Movies especially are the best gospel movie producing industry in this part of the world.  Here, I’m sharing with you 5 mount zion movies every Christian single should watch. While the list is endless, this recommendations will help you prepare for the life time journey of marriage.

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Mount Zion Movies #1: DEATH IN THE POT

In this christian marriage movie, A pastor plays the role of a match maker. Brother Gbile Alegbe, a vibrant vision minded single Christian brother prays for the will of God in marriage. God is silent. He goes ahead without a word from God. He gets stucked in relationship with an agent of darkness who is out to destroy his life and ministry. He sees death in the pot of his marriage ready to be consummated in two weeks. Are you a Christian single passionate about vision?I recommend this Christian movie. Watch this movie and understand that the devil always waits for time to destroy vision minded believers. The decision of who to marry is not a decision you can jump into when God is silent.

Click here to watch or download DEATH IN THE POT

THE TRAIN – Life Changing lessons from the Mike Bamiloye story

Mount Zion Movies #2:


A Christian single young lady falls in love with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her earthly father warned. Her heavenly father sends her a godly man. She was too blinded by ‘love’ to hearken. Then she faces the consequences. Did she survive it? What happens to the brother that have waited so patiently for her to come to her senses? Is love a veil? Find Out in one of these movies Christian singles must watch.

Click here to watch or download THE VEIL

Mount Zion Movies #3:


Laide is pressured by her relatives to get into a relationship. The only man looking her way is a ‘accident about to happen.’  Laide meets Williams, her mentor’s son. She loves him and gave him a shot – spiritually and physically. Williams had other plans. Battling with a heart break, she runs into a relationship she would later regret. The wedding ceremony is in few months. Friends warned. Was it too late? What would be the lot of Laide? How about Williams, did he make a right choice? I have no doubt that this is a movie all Christian singles must watch.

Click here to watch or download LAIDE’S NOTE

What all women should know about men – Dr Becky Paul ENENCHE

Mount Zion Movies #4:


A young Christian single brother deals with advances from sisters in church. He trusts God to give him a sign for which he would identify his wife. God did. The devil brought the pseudo. He gets married. His revealed wife shows up a day after his wedding. Too late? Learn from this movie while it is important to be patient when God is patient. Also learn why you have to be swift to trust God and obey simple instructions. Watch and share this movie with Christian singles within your reach.

Click here to watch or download DUE SEASON

Mount Zion Movies #5:


Gbemi, a Christian single lady is caught up in an unforgiving episode from her childhood. She allowed her past live with her present, thus making it “less proactive” for the opposite sex to woo her. Her mum is worried. Her friend too. Finally, she opens up. But to the wrong person. He takes advantage of her vulnerability. Will she ever forgive? Will she find love? How? When? And Who?

The other major character is Brother John. He is a passionate minister whose life revolves around ministry. He is presently in a relationship. They have diverse passions, diverse dreams, diverse perspective to faith. Will they be able to reconcile their differences? How will they cope with their incompatibility? Learn from this movie, the importance of compatibility and harmony of purpose in a relationship.

Click here to watch or download GBEMI

That’s it! Those are the 5 Christian marriage movies Christian singles must watch. I hope to recommend more soon. Sign up to our newsletter to get updated.