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Fruitful Touching Lives

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Treasures on Paper

fruitful touching lives
Its six years already since I started using a diary. The first one I owned was a hard-cover notebook I got for my personal devotion. It was probably the first step I had to take for my spiritual growth.
Every morning, I would write in it what I had gleaned during my quiet time. Sometimes, all I ever got to write was a passage of the scripture. I had not been baptized in the Holy Ghost, so even the bible didn’t make much sense. I just knew I had to read it. And soon enough, I knew I had to write it too. I just go right ahead and write the bible verses in my own simple English – with no revelation.
Soon enough, the encounters began. God must have seen the desire of this little girl to find Him.
Today, my diary has more than just scriptural verses. It contains kingdom mysteries waiting to be taught, scripts waiting to be acted, songs that will soon be released, books that will soon be published, exploits that will soon be unveiled, insights about life and purpose and many more. Every time I’m confused, I retreat and sit with my diary. There’s always an instruction or a word of encouragement.
Things became even more better when I bought this big diary. The memories I have made with this one far outweighs the others. In here, I have a map for my future. I have a picture of my future husband, a picture of my future home, a picture of my greater tomorrow. In here, I found the secrets of success and laid hold of it.
This new diary is priceless! It has all I will ever need for life and godliness. I did not write this one. For if I did, I may doubt its impact.
Friends, the bible is the priceless diary of God. However, it was written for Him and You. On it pages, you find his intentions and your future. Don’t joke with this great asset. Read it. Believe it. Live it. Because the WORD always works!
Written by Fruitful E. John
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