• September 29, 2022 10:14 pm

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Repair my altar oh God!


Hello Christian Soldier! How has the lock down been treating you? It’s been a while you had a wonderful time with God? You have suddenly grown cold in the place of prayer. No! Its not because the strings are not there. It’s not because there is no huge gathering of believers. It is because there is a problem with your altar – your personal altar.

An Altar is a consistent point or place where worship or devotion is been made to God.

Psalm 91:1 affirms that your altar is what grants you A – Access to the Almighty. An altar-less christian is a ‘God-less’ Christian. What else gives access to God other than prayers, the word, consistent walk with God and…

L – Labour of the Levites. Leviticus 6:9.

You see friends, building up an altar involves hard labour. In those days, the Levites built up altars of stones and plastered them together to stand. Now in the new testament, the scripture says “Building up yourselves on your most holy faith” Jude : 20. It takes labour to stay all night in prayers, stay hours on the word.  Believe it altars are not meant for lazy Christians. We, the new testament believers are the Levites of today for Rev 5:10 calls us the priests of God.

T – Treasured time: 1 Kings 18: 36 An altar involves a time that is devoted to God and God alone. Elijah in that text called upon God around the time of the evening sacrifice. Every Jew knows that that period is a sacred moment to seek God. Friend, do you have any time that you consistently set apart for God during the day, week or month for personal vigils, personal retreats etc? Time and consistency are important components of the altar.

What is it that has taken your treasured time from God friends? Social media, sleep, games, friends, gists, movies etc? It’s time to return back to your altar.

A – Adequate attention: Your altar is where you pay attention to receive divine leadings. When last did God speak to you? Do u even know how he speaks?

R – Reference place of Revival: Gen 35:1-3. For Jacob, it was Bethel. In building an altar, you must set aside a place where there won’t be distraction to daily fellowship with God. Yours may be in your room. But you must be disciplined about it.

It’s time to pray. The question is do you have an altar? If yes, what has broken the stones of your altar? Like those prophets of Baal broke the altar, secret sins, compromises, carelessness, frivolities, worldliness?

It’s time to pray. Say “Oh God my father, I repent of all that has broken my altars tonight”