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6 Ways to find writing ideas

6 ways to find writing ideas

The question of what to write about is a major challenge for most writers, especially beginners. In this article, I’m sharing with you 6 ways to find writing ideas for your next write up. You may want to look at 5 tips to start writing creatively.

6 ways to find writing ideas

Ways to find writing ideas #1: Pay Attention

Your everyday life is full of happenings that when utilized will make a great story. From what happened while you tried to enter a bus, to the queue at the restaurant, the fight on the street or the interaction with your lecturer. Stories are everywhere these days, if only you would pay close attention to the happenings around you.

Ways to find writing ideas #2: Use your life experiences.

Stories written based on true life experiences often get more reads. The sweet and bitter experiences of your life can get you more audience, if only you get to share them creatively with your pen. You could write on your childhood days, your background, your marriage or even your aspirations in life. You don’t have to tell the world its your story if you don’t want to.

Ways to find writing ideas #3: Fantasize

If you are like me, you would have great fantasies of the future. These can be converted into stories and articles. You can use the knowledge from 5 Tips on how to start writing to furnish your fantasies.

Ways to find writing ideas #4: Play What if.

Creative writing is all about playing with words. So is creative fictions. You play around with circumstances by removing or adding more interesting conflicts. This could be as simple as playing around your own true life story or even playing around the scenerios in your environment.

Ways to find writing ideas #5: Read

Reading the works of other authors is a great inspiration for writing ideas. A word, a phrase or even a sentence in the book may be the basis for your write up. You’ll only need to research and elaborate on the subject matter. More so, you could pick up the challenge to continue a story or an article from where an author stopped. All it takes is creativity.

Ways to find writing ideas #6: Movies and Musics

Great movies in your writing genre can be of great help. Paying attention to the conflicts in movies as well as the act will further help to furnish your creative writing skills. You may also consider listening to music. Well composed musics have elements that may interest writers and generate topic ideas.

That’s it! Those are the 6 ways to find writing ideas for your next write-up. Let me know if you are following in the comment box. I love you.

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