• October 1, 2022 9:40 am

Fruitful Touching Lives

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Opposite Sex Friendships – Time to call it quit.

When she can’t but call you a day,

and you can’t but hear from her a day,

When you assure yourself all day,

that you are nothing but friends,

It’s time to call it quit.


When you begin to feel he’s a gift,

And he can’t but admire your gifts,

When he begins to pester you with gifts,

Here comes the pressure to gift your life to him,

It’s time to call it quit.


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When it becomes uncomfortable to feel neutral,

And every effort to neutralize – abortive

When he has to affirm your every move,

And the flirty comments would not but move you,

It’s time to call it quit.


When you feel you’ve come too far to look back,

And she seems to be holding on – far from looking back,

When you are sure her emotions is getting in the way,

then you can’t but have a rethink on this pathway,

It’s time to call it quit.

When he’s suddenly become your one and only confidant,

And you’re over-conscious of satisfying his every taste,

When he attempts to transform you into his “dream girl”,

And you know you are not ready to be his,

It’s time to call it quit.


Better now, than later,

For if symptoms persist any longer,

Someone’s heart’s gonna be broken,

And the pain will last longer.

Its time to call it quit!!!


Written by: FRUITFUL E. JOHN