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5 Tips on how to start writing

how to start writing

how to start writingHow frustrated were you the last time you tried to write? Perhaps more frustrated than I was the first time I tried to put things down in a creative way. With these five tips on how to start writing, you are about to get your frustrations out of the way.

Writing is more than compiling words into sentences. It takes time, hard work and a lot of patience to creatively write what your audience would love to read.

Let’s get started!

Tips on how to start writing #1: Focus

You don’t have to worry about the exact message or theme you have in mind yet. Right now, you want to focus on building your writing skills in the easiest way possible. When this is done, it would be easier to write on any theme of your choice.

Tips on how to start writing #2: Get Ideas

This looks like the simplest of all. But before you go right ahead, you must have answered the following questions:

  • Who am I writing to?

The question of who your targeted audience are, narrows down your list of ideas and makes things easier. Are you writing to men or women? young or old? Religious or not? Single or married? You should know exactly what I mean now. Ask yourself who you are writing to. Get a list of topic ideas that relates to your targeted audience. 

  • Which authors do I find interesting?

The authors you read and find interesting will have a great deal of influence on your style of writing. Therefore, it is wisdom to identify them from the onset. Find out what you like about those authors. Get your mind prepared to use some of those stuffs in your beginning days of writing. You will agree with me, that it will be more easier to use words and styles that you are familiar with than having to learn a new one entirely.

If on the other hand you don’t like reading, an alternative is to study works of trusted authors and their writing styles. But seriously? Great writers are first readers!

  • What life experiences am I exposed to?  how to start writing

This is indispensable if you hope to write stories. The life experiences you are exposed to forms the bedrock for which you can navigate and write creatively. In starting out, choosing topic ideas that are relevant to what you have experienced makes writing easier and interesting.

The above three fundamental questions will help you in your search for ideas, choice of title and consequently the theme of your work.

Tips on how to start writing #3:

Outline and Research

Now that you have chosen a title and a theme, the simplest thing to do is to pick up your pen and paper. Write down what you intend to communicate to your audience. Connect to the internet. Find related works of other authors. Get as many information as possible. Then, make an outline of what you want your write-up to cover. 

Tips on how to start writing #4:


“It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you get something on paper.”


Write your first draft. It is most probable that you won’t know where to start from. Don’t bother about it. Start from anywhere. Write extensively. Don’t bother about the length of your work yet. You shouldn’t bother about editing here too. This is because you may get distracted and loose focus on the message or picture you are trying to paint with your pen.

Tips on how to start writing #5:

Revise and Edit

Most writers consider this phase the most difficult of all. Here, you have to read and read again. With a eagle eye, you examine each word, each phrase and each sentence. You pay attention to the grammatical accuracy of your write-up as well as the coherency of your thoughts. Remove unnecessary repetitions, replace words that you are not sure of and do away with unnecessary conjunctions.

You may consider giving your work to experienced writers to help with the final editing. But you must always remember, that a write-up can never be perfect. The mere fact that English as a language evolves everyday makes that impossible.

That’s it! With this five tips on how to start writing, you should begin writing right away.

The above five tips will be taken one after the other in my subsequent ‘Writers’ Corner’ posts. Follow my blog or like my social media handles to stay updated.

I look forward to reading your exploits.

Fruitful E. John

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