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You will account for this ‘dash’

“Hell”. The preacher shouted.



Reluctantly I arose to my feet. With no strong stamina I fell.




Few years ago, life had no meaning. Morality would not suffice. The more I tried. The more I failed – lust, pornography, masturbation. It was a struggle.




“Help is on the way” Mercy screamed. I almost let go. But she wouldn’t give up. Then, Grace found me. She took me home and cleaned me up. Time had passed. Between birth and now is a dash. The dash of fifteen wasted years.



Such a large and beautiful home with busy people. Many working tirelessly with Grace to find others like me. Sindy, a confused young lady passed by. Tally caught her attention with his acting skills. She was rescued and became a part of the family. Purpose was busy helping out in all possible ways that he could. The sight was great to behold.



It’s been nine years since you joined us. Grace reminded.

Oh yes. I replied. I’m waiting for the Father. When am I going to see Him? I asked.



“He is coming very soon. She replied. But when He comes. You will account for this dash. The dash between when I found you and now. The dash of nine idle years.”




How could I have forgotten so soon my then struggles? How could I forget that there were many coming behind me with such struggles too? I was sorry for myself.



“What can I do now?” I asked.



Invest your time wisely, she said. The telephone is over there. Call the Father and read the manual. Grace advised.



Her advice was helpful. I invested my time. I called. I read. Purpose found me and showed me just what I could do. Life has more meaning now. I’m doing what I was created to do. I’m pleasing the Father, making Impact, reaching my world, I’m Occupying till He comes. Time is passing. There is a dash between when He comes and eternity. The dash of rewardable years for the faithful.



There is more to life than living. Religion is just by the way. When will you stop struggling? When will you cry out for Mercy? When will you reconcile with your maker? When will you find God? When will you invest your time to discover His purpose for your life? Remember, Time is passing and you will give account of THIS DASH in eternity.


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