If this Jesus lives in you, then your generation has no choice than to know you were here.



He was God’s answer to the universal cry of humanity.

He was God manifest to our senses.

He talked like God. He acted like God. He lived like God. He died like God.

He was not a philosopher searching for the truth. He was the truth.

He was not a mystic. He was reality.

He was not an experimenter searching for reality.

He was not a reformer. He was a Recreator

He was not a visionary. He was the light of the world.

He never reflected. He never reasoned.

He knew. He never learned.

He never asked prayers for Himself.

He never sought the help of man.

He was never in a hurry.

He was never afraid. He never showed weakness.

He never hesitated.

He was always ready.

He was sure. There was a sureness in all He did or said.

He knew why He came.

He knew from whence He came.

He knew who He was.

He knew the Father.

He knew about Heaven.

He knew where He was going.

He knew man.

He knew Satan.

He had no sense of lack.

He had no sense of limitations.

KENYONFrom the Arrest to the cross;

He had no sense of fear.

He had no anger, no sense of disappointment, no sense of being defeated.

He had no sense of need of human sympathy.

He didn’t shrink from pain or brutal treatment.

He was master when they arrested Him.

He was master at the trial.

He ruled the seen and the unseen while He was on the cross.

He was Almighty, yet a man.

He died as God.


After the Resurrection

He had no sense of revenge. He was love.

He was revelation of a new kind of love.

He died a Lamb. He arose as Lord.

He acted like God.

He spoke like God.

His resurrection had all the simplicity of God.

He was God.


Underestimating the work that God wrought in Christ is the sin of ignorance.

Most of us are guilty of it.

We have underestimated the work that He did in us, in the New Creation.

And of course, we underestimate what He can do through us.

The secret of dominating faith lies in getting a true conception of what Jesus actually did for us, what we are in Him as a result of it, and what the word promises we can do as a result of His finished work in us.

Knowledge that is not acted upon is of no value.


Curled from the book: IN HIS PRESENCE


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