• September 29, 2022 10:56 pm

Fruitful Touching Lives

Spiritual | Purposeful | Gospel Trends


It’s a train battling with end time chaos and tragedies, cherished hopes crushing hard at the rock of impossibilities, true joy and happiness seems to be far from reality, the height of dreams been forfeited at the sight of difficulties. Heated up with the search for success and fulfilment, for which humanity continuously battle and strive without a reward in view. It’s a world of diversity – in orientations, abilities, influences, choices and opinions – full of countless categories of sojourners yet there exist only two conclusions irrespective of the diversities involved.

What is life? One would ask. What is the world turning into? Another would say. Shattered and bent down with care on every side. Burdened with the past and present. Mindful and Diligent in acquisition of knowledge but careless of what the future holds here after. Worried about the technological advancements and moral decadence in the world yet without an urge to make a difference. Eager at the alert of new information, but neglecting the most important news in history. These are the curious-burdened yet ignorant sojourners on life’s train.train-001

What in the present is there to be enthusiastic about when the future holds the certainty of doom and destruction? What success is there to glory of when the assurance of its security is just for a while? What prosperity is there to rejoice over, if it wouldn’t last forever? Yet the enthusiastic but eternal fools spend their whole life living on motivation for the things that will soon pass away. Forgetting solely the fact that motivation can only be secured by those liberated from the limitation ahead.

Wisdom decorated with dots of foolishness will in the end amount to foolishness. The unwisely-devoted on life’s train though dedicated to the course of morality yet dotted with evil in the inward part. Their commitment to the course of religious rites and norms may be appealing yet the only true way to the creator have they not found.

Although narrowly minded and often considered absurd. Living solely on the dictates of an old-fashioned book. Termed fanatic for daring to stand and run against the tide. Labelled stupid for attempting to live, lead and walk the rugged way. Controlled by a hand not seen. Led by a voice not heard. Struggling to survive as a sheep in the midst of wolves yet watching DAILY for the fulfilment of an “unreasonable” promise that has tarried more than long enough. These are the worded-spirited pilgrim on life’s train.

It may be difficult to identify the category in which we belong but when the decision not to deceive oneself is made, our individual category becomes glaring. Many more categories exist but the most relevant is that which leads to eternal joy and satisfaction; the worded-spirited pilgrims.

Life is a journey of just two destinations – Heaven and Hell. Our destination here after is dependent on our relationship with the creator of the universe via the way. Jesus Christ is that way. A relationship with Him in conjunction with our submission to His standards is the only guarantee to Eternity with Him.