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When God speaks contains stories of how God has led me in different aspects of life. I believe it will help you master more the act of hearing God's voice and obeying Him.

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christian corper NYSC Jigawa state orientation camp
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Diary of a Christian Corper – A peep into my NYSC Service year and orientation camp activities (VIDEO)

While you wait for the episodal series of the events that happened in my service year, I present to you a brief overview in video of what my NYSC service year was like. In this video, I shared peeps of the orientation camp activities, photo events of my place of primary assignment (PPA), NCCF rural rugged memories and most importantly, my NYSC story.

This is how to avoid relationship heart breaks
Counselling Marriage Relationship

How to avoid relationship heart breaks – Emmanuela Mike Bamiloye

These are the very counsels of Emmanuela Mike Bamiloye on how to avoid relationship heart breaks as well as how to move on in life despite a heart break.

Letting Go and Moving On is almost never easy especially if a lot has been invested in the person or relationship. It’s even more painful when you never saw it coming but as a child of God, one scripture you must forever hold dear is Rom 8:28 which states that “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


(Videos) White wedding videos of Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor

The wedding pictures and wedding videos of Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor are not just cute but fireful. There are some wedding pictures you will come across and the anointing to get married will fall on you. I believe Darasimi Mike Bamiloye’s wedding pictures are one of such. Oh! Forgive me, she now goes by the name Darasimi Lawrence Oyor – perfect!

How to end an ungodly relationship
Counselling Marriage Relationship

9 ways to end an ungodly relationship

I was headed for trouble and I knew it but I kept walking toward it. Two months into us talking again, we ended up breaking my vow of sexual purity. I say WE because I was there. I was a willing participant. I had abandoned my standards for the affection of a man who never respected me or my standards to begin with. Silly me. He wanted sex and I wanted him but I wanted my relationship with God more.

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye getting married to Lawrence Oyor

Just In: Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor set to walk down the aisle

It should be recalled that sometimes at the beginning of this year, Lawrence Oyor had disclosed in a facebook post how that he was in a relationship already but he kept his fans in suspense about who the lady in question might be. Mummy Gloria Bamiloye had also out of excitement given a clue at Joshua Mike Bamiloye’s wedding interview stating that she was now complete since she now has three boys and three girls as a mother. Needless to say, Lawrence Oyor was the best man of Joshua Mike Bamiloye. The signs had been there all along!

damilola mike bamiloye's biography and birthday

Facts about Damilola Mike Bamiloye on his birthday

Damilola Mike Bamiloye is 31 years old today, 16th of September, 2020. By that, we mean that Michael Oluwadamilola Ilerioluwa Mike Bamiloye was born on 16th of September 1989.

As a secondary school student, Damilola Mike Bamiloye participated in many stage dramas and eventually became one of the best drama director his secondary school produced. He wrote his first movie “Youthful Lust” at the age of 15.

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